Electronic periodicals

Founded in 1952, Aperture is an international journal based in New York, United States, specializing in photography. It publishes four issues each year featuring critical and scientific articles and works by professional artists and experimental photographers.

Financial Times
The Financial Times is a prestigious British daily newspaper with a special emphasis on economic and political topics. It features UK news and news from around the globe, influential figures’ experiences and opinions as well as articles on business, financial and art topics.

Gazeta Wyborcza
Gazeta Wyborcza is a Polish national daily newspaper founded in Warsaw in 1989. It publishes domestic and global news, opinions, and articles on achievements in the fields of culture, science and sports.

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review is a United States magazine covering ideas and news on business and management strategy and innovations. It has a special emphasis on leadership, finance, marketing, and organization and human resources management. A printed version of the magazine is also available in the library.

Journal of Contemporary Central & Eastern Europe
A scientific journal running in Great Britain and publishing analytical articles, reviews, studies, discussions and book reviews related to social matters in Central and Eastern Europe: politics, economics and culture. A printed version is also available in the library.

Landscape Architecture Magazine
Founded in 1910, Landscape Architecture Magazine is a monthly magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). It showcases the most impressive works by landscape architects and features the latest environmentally friendly planning and design methods.

Money Week
Money Week is a weekly magazine headquartered in London, the United Kingdom. The magazine covers financial and investment news and advice and provides economic and market reviews, analysis and commentary.

Spiegel online
The oldest news journal in Germany, publishing political and social news and analytical articles. A printed version is also available in the library.

The Telegraph
National British daily paper published in London and distributed in the United Kingdom and other countries. The printed version is titled The Daily Telegraph.

The Times
An influential British daily paper publishing reviews and comments of the UK and global news.

The Wall Street Journal
A business newspaper published in New York (USA), covering the US and international business and financial news and major global events.

Welt is a Berlin-based German daily newspaper featuring domestic and global news, reviews, discussions and online live broadcasts.

The above publications are accessible via all desktop computers of the Media Reading Room (1st floor). In order to gain access as a registered user, please ask for assistance from the consultants at the main information and registration desk (1st floor).

More foreign electronic periodicals are available in the subscribed databases.

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15 January 2019 – 15 March 2019
Exhibition “Meeting Minds. NYLA portraits”
23 January 2019 – 17 March 2019
“De horribilibus monstris”: Fantastic Animals at the Library
30 January 2019 – 10 February 2019
Exhibition “To Me There’s No Other Choice”