Lithuanian Integral Information System of Libraries (LIBIS)

Project purpose
1. Integration of Lithuanian libraries' information. 2. Catering for public's library and information needs. 3. Preservation of cultural values.

Project objectives
1. Develop a library system that would enable automation of all library and reader service processes. 2. Create a union catalogue based on shared cataloging. 3. Adapt integrated library information resources to customer service. 4. Extension of the infrastructure created by the Integral Information System of Lithuanian Libraries (LIBIS) and development of the existing software tools.                    

Project duration (in months)

Project implemented by
Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

Project partners
Sintagma, UAB (currently known by the name of Asseco)

Project coordinator at LNB (division, centre, department)
Information Technology Management Unit

Source of project funding, value (EUR)
The state budget of the Republic of Lithuania, municipal funds, LTL 29,790,000 (EUR 8,627,780)

Project description 
LIBIS system is designed both for the automation of the main library processes (cataloging: describing all documents stored at the library; acquisition: recording of publications and library collections; reader service: providing on-site and remote services to readers using integrated resources and search tools) and implementation of interlibrary loan functions, share bibliographic records, and integrate information contained in library databases and information intended for dissemination into global catalogues.
The LIBIS software is installed in 5 county libraries, 60 public libraries, 1 academic library, Vilnius University Faculty of Communication, 7 other major and special libraries, and 10 Lithuanian museum libraries.

Responsible person
Zofija Burinskienė, Analyst at Information Technology Management Unit, tel: 239 8588; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.