Media Makerspace

A space in Martynas Mažvydas National Library dedicated to personal, noncommercial, projects in various media: sound, video, software code, 3D models and virtual reality. 

The Space is for those who seek greater possibilities for their creative projects than can typically be found at home.

  • Did you find old photo film in the closet with your parent's adventures and would like to transfer it into a digital format?
  • Do you have dreams about developing photos in a photo lab?
  • Do you want to record and edit video or audio?
  • Perhaps you’d like to convert VHS video cassette tape into digital, but do not have the equipment to play the cassette tape?
  • Or dream of using microcontrollers, sensors, and parts from an old printer to create an automatic cat feeder, smart-greenhouse or little cute home robot?
  • Or an easy escape from your life through a VR headset that will immerse you in virtual reality?

You can do all that stuff at Media Makerspace! You need to work with your projects individually, but you can always get technical help from our curators.

What is there?

Makerspace has 10 individual workplaces with computers adapted to various activities: photo film scanning, video and audio editing, 3D graphics, coding, development of virtual reality.  Makerspace has a photo lab, equipment to watch 16mm or 8mm cinema film, VHS cassette tapes, audiotapes and cassettes. 

Visitors can use the space dedicated for projects with microcontrollers, like Arduino, and test various sensors and accessories. 

For your project, you also can use equipment from PATS SAU Makerspace: 3D printer, vinyl cutter, heat press, laser cutter and other tools.

Open hours

September - JuneJuly - August

Registration and information

Tel. (8 5) 239 8580
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want to reserve a workplace describe your project idea and equipment you plan to use.

If you just want to stop by for a look around, we can arrange a time for a tour with you.  

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  • We cannot guarantee the workplace if you arrive without registration
  • Media Makerspace is in the basement of the National Library (Gedimino pr. 51, Vilnius), room 001. You also can get information about Media Makerspace in PATS SAU Makerspace in room 114.