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Judaica Research Centre

Gedimino 51, 5th floor, Room 506
Opening hours: September - June, July - August>

Judaica Research Centre is an open institution with a focus on cooperation in the field of education actively disseminating information about the Jewish documentary culture preserved in the collection of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. The activities of the Centre include ensuring development of research of Jewish documentary heritage, organization and implementation of educational and information projects and dissemination of comprehensive information about their results.

The constantly growing open collection of printed documents includes publications on the following topics:

  • cultural studies;
  • religion, theology;
  • classic and modern Jewish literature (in different languages);
  • universal Jewish history;
  • Jewish history in Lithuania;
  • publications in Yiddish and Hebrew;
  • biographies of famous Lithuanian Jews;
  • Jewish cookbooks;
  • reference books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographic publications.

Publications available in the Judaica Research Centre:

  • Mattityahu Strashun’s collection;
  • documents published in Yiddish and Hebrew in Lithuania (1759–1940);
  • documents published in Yiddish and Hebrew abroad (16th c.–1940);
  • periodicals published in Yiddish and Hebrew until 1940.

Everyone interested in Judaica is welcome in the Judaica Research Centre.

Please order the documents in the Centre. Ordering via the Library's information system is not available.

5th floor

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