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Dapkievicz, Jolanta

Jolanta Dapkievicz
Phone: (8 5) 239 8690
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

She graduated in Librarianship and Bibliography from Vilnius University in 1995. Her research has focused on activities of book smugglers of the Sejny and Puńsk Region and other educators as well as on books in Polish published in the 16th–18th centuries in the territory of Lithuania. She is the author of the publication Knyga Seinų-Punsko krašto lietuvių kultūroje (iki 1939 m.) (“The Book Within the Culture of Lithuanians of the Sejny and Puńsk Region (Up to 1939)”) (Puńsk, 1969). She has also prepared the union catalogue XVI a. Lietuvos knygos lenkų kalba : kontrolinis sąrašas : XVII–XVIII a. taisymai ir papildymai (“Polish books published in Lithuania in the 16th century; checklist: revisions and additions”) (Vilnius, 2020). The subject of her present bibliographic study is books in Polish published in the territory of Lithuania in 1801/64.