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Kateryna Beslik. Hulyaypole – My Little Homeland

1–25 September 2023

The exhibition tells the story of the artists’ home city Hulyaypole in the Zaporozhye region, located within the war zone, and of the people living there, including Katia’s family. From the beginning of March 2022, the city is in a shortage of electricity, gas, water and everyday transportation, it is constantly shelled by enemies.

The people living in Hulyaypole and other similar cities can evoke a plethora of different feelings: admiration and disdain, pride and pity, contempt, understanding or respect. These are people who for personal reasons have decided to stay home even in the most extreme circumstances.

The artist is looking into the spirit of her country and into the feelings of these people. Why do they continue to live in these conditions? What do they feel? What is home for them?

“After visiting there in June this year I was very frightened. I saw their strength, courage, optimism, and I saw how the human psyche adapts to everything, how it numbs or destroys certain feelings.

For me Hulyaypole is a field, it is wind, revolt, freedom and a thirst for life.”

Kateryna Beslik has been working as a fashion designer and stylist. This exhibition is the first step into expanding her field of creative ideas, to introduce the fashion artist through materials that are closest to her – secondary raw materials and textile.


The exhibition is supported by „Ukreate Hub“ and the Open Lithuania Foundation.

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