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Benas Liandzbergis. “Born in (In)dependence”

9 September – 9 November 2023

By way of sarcasm, irony, and paradox, the artist raises the question of how we are affected by collective choices in the long run.

In his own words, it is an exhibition “about a period where we have so much freedom (well, at least in our country), yet many of us are still bound by bonds we made ourselves or by others. So I invite you to find these contrapositions in my works and to fully enjoy the exhibition by experiencing them.”

Benas Liandzbergis (1997) lives and works in Vilnius. The artist creates paintings and objects inspired by collective experiences, fashion, and flashes of differing subcultures.

2017-2022 B. Liandzbergis studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Site-specific Art and Scenography Department).