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Exhibition “Binds within binds. Vilnius Bookbinders Guild 20 year anniversary”

23 January – 18 February 2024

The exhibition presents the works of the Vilnius Bookbinders Guild (VBG) members created over nearly 18 years, marking the path from craftsmanship to the art of bookbinding and experimentation: reconstructions of bindings, bindings characteristic of historical periods, artistic and experimental bindings and restoration projects.

“The Vilnius Bookbinders’ Guild was founded on May 22, 2003. The founding members consisted primarily of bookbinders and restorers from Vilnius’ largest libraries. Later on, representatives of other fields closely related to the craft of bookbinding joined. The founders were inspired by the Vilnius Bookbinders’ Guild’s past. The exact date of its establishment is unknown, but it is thought to have occurred in the 16th century, as the books of the Vilnius magistrate, as well as those of all the craftsmen's guilds, were lost during the “Deluge” (until 1655). However, there is enough evidence to believe that such a workshop existed previously. The oldest surviving document is the guild’s statute, which was approved in 1664. It existed until 1893, when industrialization resulted in the abolition of all craft workshops. Rimas Supranavičius, Chairman of the Guild of Bookbinders.

The re-established Vilnius Bookbinders’ Guild, with 21 members, continues the tradition of craft guilds and guildhalls dating back to the Middle Ages, but due to changing needs, the current Bookbinders’ Guild plays a cultural rather than economic role. Today, the Guild’s mission is to promote the craft, art, and history of bookbinding, to encourage research and education, to represent bookbinders’ professional interests, to organize exhibitions, and to exchange information in a way that preserves traditional trade techniques.

Participants: Tatiana Belokurskaja, Laima Burneikienė, Jonas Daunoravičius, Matas Dūda, Rimantas Dūda, Egidijus Gotalskis, Daiva Juškienė, Ramunė Kisielė, Aušra Lazauskienė, Virginija Ligeikienė, Elona Marija Lozytė, Kristina Lokoševičienė, Ieva Rusteikaitė, Ferdinandas Saladžius, Gražina Smaliukienė, Rimas Supranavičius, Dalia Marija Šaulauskaitė, Sigitas Tamulis, Rūta Taukinaityte-Narbutienė, Ramutė Toliušytė, Aušra Vaitiekūnaitė, Raimunda Vasiliauskienė.


Organised by Vilnius Bookbinders Guild

Partner: Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania