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Second national exhibition of Lithuanian calligraphy

01.12.2022 – 15.01.2023

The exhibition in the Atrium (5th floor) of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania,

presented Lithuanian calligraphy from the classical to the East Asian tradition. The aim of this exhibition is to reflect the main current trends in the development of Lithuanian and international calligraphy, to reveal the diversity of its forms and styles, to increase its consciousness and accessibility, and to raise public awareness of calligraphy.

This exhibition featured various personalities of already well-known and emerging artists, their calligraphic matrix diagrams that unfold in words, magical games of shapes and flexible lines, sensitive musical transitions of color tones, filled with the power of emotional impact of empty space and its compositional solutions. A skillful use of composite components of artistic expression - words, lines, spots, dots - by our different masters of calligraphy, combining various interpretations of the interaction of artistic space and time, gives the perceivers the possibilities to experience both the completeness of compositional solutions of writing and the unspokenness of abstract lines, forms, aesthetic hint, by means of the dissemination of plastic forms and lines providing the emotional impact.

Click the link to see a video report of the exhibition.

Organizers: Antanas Andrijauskas, Prof. Albertas Gurskas, Daliutė Ivanauskaitė, Inga Laužonytė, Bronius Leonavičius, Mindaugas Petrulis, Donata Porvaneckaitė.

Partner: Lithuanian Artists' Association.