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Media Reading Room

Gedimino 51, 2nd floor, Room 236
Opening hours: September - June, July - August

The open collection of printed documents consists of newspapers of over 200 different names and magazines of over 400 different names. The Reading Room offers the following periodicals:

  • current year’s periodicals published in Lithuania,
  • current year’s periodicals and serials of other countries,
  • universal information publications: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, reference books.

The open collection of the Reading Room is freely accessible to the visitors and publications cannot be ordered via the information system of the Library. Other publications may be ordered from the Library’s depository. Information about all the available publications is provided in and orders are placed via the Library’s Online Catalogue.

Ordering and issuing publications ›

There are 8 computer workstations in the Reading Room. Internet services are free of charge, Wi-Fi is available. Printing services of the necessary information and electronic papers are provided. If you need any help, please ask the consultant at the information station.

You may also submit your enquiries using “Ask a Librarian” service.

2nd floor

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