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Illustration 7 November 2023

Seminar “Youtube for musicians”

Seminars organised by the Lithuanian Music Business Association for music and related industries (professionals and newcomers) to improve their skills, promote entrepreneurship and networking.

On 20 November 4 pm we invite you to the seminar “Youtube for musicians” at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

The speaker – Dmitri Bezkorovainyi (Mediacube / Head of music department (PL/CY)).

What will you learn: the speaker will talk about the current day YouTube logic and teach how to make most of your music and videos on YouTube with practical tips you will be able to use straight away.
Plan of the masterclass:

  1. Why is YouTube important for musicians now?
  2. Breakthrough cases of artists with YouTube (including Eastern Europe)
  3. Monetization tools on YouTube
  4. What is an MCN (Multi-Channel Network) and how can it be useful
  5. Content vs. technical work
  6. Practical: how to make your channel better: video, channel, strategy, paid promotion
  7. Case study / questions

The seminar will be held in English.

To attend the seminar please register beforehand.

Lithuanian Music Business Association seminars are funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.