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Illustration 23 November 2023

Photography Contest “Lithuanian Armed Forces in Photography”

The “Lithuanian Armed Forces in Photography” contest was established in memory of combat photographer Tadas Dambrauskas. This year marks the 19th iteration, with the original goal of showing the Lithuanian Armed Forces more closely and in different situations – what troops are like during exercises and fests, their experience, training routine, achieving their goals, and the true face of military service.

The exhibition features the best images taken in 2023, including portraits of military service members, tactical action, celebrations, and daily routines in military life, and, last but not least, cutting-edge, advanced equipment and weaponry of the Lithuanian Armed Forces that meets NATO’s highest standard.

This year, there were 68 participants: some practice photography on a daily basis, others only occasionally, and still others caught the shot by chance. The expert Jury selected the best 56 images for the Contest Catalogue and named one of them The Most Amusing Shot.

We hope that these photos of the Lithuanian Armed Forces provide you the finest experience possible!

The exhibition will be on display on the 3rd floor from 13 December 2023 to 10 January 2024.