Illustration 17 January 2024

Introducing a new service at the National Library - the virtual tour "Invisible Library"

"What's behind these doors?" "How do 11 storage floors fit here?" "Why are we walking in a circle?" Similar recurring questions from visitors inspired to develop an unconventional virtual tour to present the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania from a unique perspective.

"Invisible Library" is not just a virtual tour of the usually restricted spaces of the National Library. It's a narrative enriched with facts, stories, and visuals about familiar places for visitors. Participants can virtually enter storage areas and employees' offices, get acquainted with architectural solutions, learn more about the library's activities, and hear stories about the people working there.

Objects are presented in various ways: 360-degree photos, 3D objects, drone footage, images, and, of course, texts and audio narration. The captivating narrative from library staff Aina and Ugnė accompanies the virtual tour. The duration of the virtual tour is about 45 minutes. While we recommend sequential listening, users can switch to another object or return to previous sections - navigation between objects is straightforward and flexible.

All audio narrations are transcribed. Users can choose between two versions: Lithuanian or English. "Invisible Library" is accessible remotely from anywhere, but physical visitors are also invited to try it. By scanning a QR code with a mobile device attached to the typically closed doors, visitors can access the virtual tour. Elements of the tour will also be used in guided tours for visitor groups, enhancing the storytelling about the library with visual elements.

The solution was implemented by "HoPro," and library visitors contributed to the creation of the tour. Objects were selected based on questions posed by visitors. We couldn't have presented the tour without the support of the Lithuanian Culture Council, to which we express our gratitude.

Experience the new service and explore the invisible side of the library here.