12 April 2017

Cinema Added to the Creative Spaces of the National Library

Cinema has an extraordinary power to draw a person into the created world. Spending a few hours in a good movie allows us to rest and forget the daily cares as well as get some creative inspiration and wisdom. The Cinema of the National Library provides all conditions for this hobby to take root and become a space for your meaningful leisure or work.

The Cinema is open to both the regular visitors and professional or beginner film makers. You are welcome to book the Cinema and watch the videos available in the collections of the National Library and participate in recreational events, educational programmes and creative workshops. It is an excellent space for organizing chamber movie nights, film retrospectives, educational events about cinema, competitions for cinema fans, animation festivals and meetings with film makers. We encourage film directors to organize presentations of their movies and cinema fan communities – movie watching sessions, discussions and meetings. We will keep entertaining you with new film initiatives and thematic movie nights as well as meetings with film directors, artists, actors, scriptwriters and operators.

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