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20 July 2018

30 July – 30 September: the photo exhibition „Records in Memory: Recalling moments of the Propylaia restoration“

Have you ever thought what role people play in large restoration projects? Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Vilnius collaborating with National Library of Lithuania will present photographic exhibition, where is shown the unforgettable contribution of people to the restoration of a magnificent monument.

The Propylaia restoration ended in 2015 and since then there is an opportunity for interested party to access the photographic archive of the Propylaia, as it was compiled and developed within the last thirty years. It comprises about 17,600 black and white photographs, 8,200 colour transparencies and 12,000 digital photographs. All of which have been indexed and recorded in the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments (ESMA) and The Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) database, forming so a large and valuable number of documents available to the researcher. The photographs depict accurately and thoroughly the extensive restoration work that happened at the Propylaia.

“The exhibition does not choose a linear narrative to display the events, but it rather attempts to recall moments from the daily life at the worksite, and through them to give an account of the role people play in large restoration projects.  The selected photographs either reveal or imply the human presence, whereas the material organized in seven thematic groups (self-denial, labour, collaboration, zeal, admiration, innovation, companionship) helps to shed light to various aspects of the daily life and to stir up emotions engraved in our memories”, - claimed Director of the Acropolis Restoration Service Vasiliki Eleftheriou.

In 2016 exhibition was presented in Athens and next year (2017) in Tinos island. Now the exhibition “Records in Memory” is traveling abroad and presented by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports as a contribution of the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Vilnius dedicated to the celebration of the 100 Anniversary of the Restoration of the Independence of Lithuania.

Brief information about the exhibition:

Date 30 July – 30 September
Venue Atrium, 5th floor
Entrance free of charge
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Organized by Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Vilnius