17 May 2019

Exhibition of Jonas Buračas’ Paintings Opens at the National Library

Visitors are welcome to attend the exhibition of paintings by Jonas Buračas, one of the greatest Lithuanian painters and master of landscape painting of the inter-war and post-war periods. The exhibition entitled “Early Paintings by Jonas Buračas” is already open to the public at the National Library. As in his work in general, the paintings in this exhibition focus on Buračas’ studies of Lithuanian nature, architecture and small towns.

During the opening ceremony, Viktorija Pukėnaitė-Pigagienė, Director of the Communication and Marketing Department of the National Library, thanked Antanas Buračas’ son for his idea to organize this exhibition and expressed her delight at the diverse range of exhibitions held at the National Library. “Besides this painting exhibition, this month library visitors who total 1,500 daily can come and see another exhibition entitled “Pro Captu Lectoris” displaying documents restored by the experts of the National Library to discover the wonder of old books and manuscripts. We are very happy with the series of exhibitions that we have had this month and beyond including the recent exhibition featuring the works by young creators and students, and today we witness the opening of the exhibition of historical importance,” Viktorija Pukėnaitė-Pigagienė said.

Besides Antanas Buračas, among other speakers that shared their insights into the painter’s works were the art critic Nijolė Tumėnienė and the cultural historian Romualdas Beniušis who introduced the attendees to the history beyond one of Buračas’ paintings, entitled “Lithuania’s Gate to the World”, also known as “Lithuania’s Gate to the Sea”.

The architecture of the exhibition “Early Paintings by Jonas Buračas” has been inspired by the Lithuanian exhibition tradition of the inter-war years. The exhibition will run until16 June at the Atrium of the National Library, 5th floor. Everyone are welcome!

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