27 August 2019

Working in the National Library’s Coworking Space

For many of us, the library was a magical place when we were children. Perhaps you remember how you would come across an exciting book cover while raiding the bookshelves and tried to find a quiet spot so that you could delve into a fairy tale that lurks inside. Your childhood ended, and your habits changed. You grew up, and the library did too. The Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania welcomes everyone who want to get some serious work done at the Library’s Coworking Space and who want to be part of our diverse community.

If you are a remote worker, a nomad in the urban jungle with a laptop under your arm and a to-do list in your hand and who is looking for a place to work from, our Coworking Place is just what you need. Besides access to a dedicated workspace (a desk, a chair, Wi-Fi, a file shelving unit, and a personal lockable storage cabinet) and regular office services (printing, copying, scanning, IT specialist assistance, safe and clean environment), we also offer an inspiring space for your projects. After all, it is common knowledge that all great ideas come from books or are born amidst books.

Those who choose to use our Coworking space as their office, will no longer need to arrange their business meetings at coffee shops. The National Library offers up to 3 hour-access to meeting rooms for your business needs. Our Coworking Space is not just a simple workspace but also part of a social movement. While working here, you will have the opportunity to cooperate with our partners on various projects. Our staff is here to assist you if you need help with information search. Besides our assistance, you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals sharing the space with you, something you could not do if you worked from home.

The National Library is committed to ensuring that the working environment at the Coworking Space takes care of all your needs. Young children (aged 3 to 7) brought to the library can be left in the care of our pedagogical staff at the Children Activity Centre Toybrary (Žaisloteka) for up to four hours. During breaks, you can play games on an X-box or have a cup of coffee at concession prices at the Library’s coffee shop.

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