30 August 2019

Your ticket to 2,000 travels!

Congestions, long travels, flight delays and queues at check-in counters... You can now escape from a mundane routine life into the world of adventure via Interactive Library portal ibiblioteka.lt. If you are a holder of a LIBIS Reader’s Card, you can experience over 2,000 travels even after the summer break has come to an end. All the users of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania can get free access to electronic books by Lithuanian authors or e-books by foreign authors translated into Lithuanian. Register today and delve into the world of light romance novels or deeply moving dramas and travel for free around the world.

To register on ibiblioteka.lt, you need to have a LIBIS Reader’s Card, a smart device and an internet connection. You will no longer need to waste time browsing the shelves at bookstores trying to find good books or trying to make time on your schedule to visit the library within its opening hours. ibiblioteka.lt is accessible around the clock. Once you have borrowed an e-book, you can immediately start reading it. To access the books that you have ordered, go to Orders > E-books. You will be able to view your remaining loan period and the deadline for returning borrowed e-books. Once your loan period expires, the book will automatically be returned to the electronic shelve for new readers to discover it.

Late in the evening, when the print books offered by the National Library are not accessible and you get the sudden cravings for knowledge, do not forget to browse through the electronic shelves on ibiblioteka.lt. You will be able to select and read digital versions of the most popular books.

Get an instant and free access to a legal content on your smart device without the need to pay any travel expenses.