7 May 2020

Works by the National Library‘s Experts Within the National Research Panorama

There has been a decision by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania that information about research and experimental development be presented for the evaluation by the Research Council of Lithuania not only by Lithuania‘s universities and research institutes but also national level libraries. This year, the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, for the first time, presents information about research publications from the fields of humanities and social sciences by its staff members. They will be evaluated by experts from the Research Council of Lithuania. The first stage of this process will be presentation of works from the field of humanities within the system for the evaluation of the results of research activity “Vieversys”. During the second stage, which will last until June, this system will be supplemented with social research works.

It is a new potential for the National Library‘s researchers to observe their works within the panorama of Lithuania‘s research domain. The results from the evaluation of the Research Council of Lithuania will contribute to even more accurate planning of further research done in cooperation with partners from Lithuania and abroad.

Every year, professionals at the National Library conduct applied research in the fields of documentary heritage, librarianship, bibliography and book science and children‘s literature (15 studies in 2019), which serve as a basis for publications and reports. Materials and results from this research and are presented in publications and at conferences in Lithuania and abroad. There are various undertakings for the promotion of research: exhibitions, educational programmes and publishing projects. The purpose of applied research is to open and present to the public national political, social and culture history processes as well as encourage interest of the general public in the cultural heritage preserved at the National Library and use it in their projects and other activities.