22 July 2020

28 July– 4 October: An Exhibition by Ina Budrytė “Dreams for Everyday”

The exhibition hall of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania transports the visitors into the Dreams for Everyday by one of the most original Vilnius-based artists Ina Budrytė (b. 1957). The exhibition under the title features a selection by the exhibition curator Raminta Jurėnaitė together with the artist of as many as 90 paintings on paper and an entire collection of small sketches in pencil from 1990 through 2020.

The artist values the technique of painting and drawing on paper as a subtle, and, at the same time, immediate and expressive instrument. By preserving the intimacy of privacy, the artist can cultivate strangeness and embark, boldly, on an exploration of a mysterious life in no man’s land stretching between the real and the imaginary.   

In this parallel world, Budrytė continuously revisits some of the motifs and stories. This has prompted a thematic structure of the exhibition in contrast to a chronological one. The artist arranged her artwork into eight open cycles that allow for extension and additions. In them, Budrytė does not tell a consistent linear narrative or produce variations on the same motif. The cycles emerge rather as novellas without a clear beginning or end, or as pages from a diary rendered as cryptic images.

All these groups of artwork have implicit autobiographical references or philosophical reflections on a historical theme and the human nature.

There is a hidden humour in the tone the artist choses to tell her “dreams for everyday”. Thus she stirs, in the viewer, a longing for poetic mysteries. The artist reminds us of solitude as not only a curse, but as a blessing. True, if only one has imagination.

Opening of the exhibition: 28 July 2020, 18 PM at the exhibition hall of Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania (3rd floor), Gedimino ave. 51, Vilnius.

Exhibition curator: Raminta Jurėnaitė.

Briefly about the exhibition

28 July–4 October
Exhibition Hall 3rd floor
Free admission
Exhibition organizer
THE ROOM Gallery in Vilnius
Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Lithuanian Council for Culture, JCDecaux
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