Iliustration 27 April 2021

Education conference “NordEd”

“NordEd” is an education initiative that aims to strengthen Nordic-Baltic cooperation in education by fostering fruitful discussions between policy makers and the wider public on topical issues in education, and by presenting best practices in education in the Nordic-Baltic region.

The “NordEd conference” is designed to discuss the Nordic education model, the teaching profession, distance learning and innovation in the education sector. The event will provide opportunities for discussion between academics, policy makers and education leaders, and will encourage the exchange of best practices, new partnerships and the development of ideas for further cooperation.

The broadcast of the conference will be available on the portal or or on the project page Registration

Briefly about the event

May 3-6
broadcast on the portal or or on the project page
More information
on the social network “Facebook”
on the project page
The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania, Embassy of Finland, Vilnius
Partners and sponsors
partner Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, other partners and sponsors