Iliustracija 25 January 2023

“LT Game Jam 2023” Vilnius

LT Game Jam 2023 is returning to full live format!

Want to meet people, brainstorm, discuss, design, code, experiment, have fun and make great games? This is exactly the event for you!

LT Game Jam 2023 is a game jam event where participants have a task to develop a game from a rough idea to a working prototype. LT Game Jam 2023 is a part of the Global Game Jam event.

LT Game Jam 2023 is an excellent challenge for aspiring and seasoned game makers to balance creativity with time management, teamwork and game production skills. Participation requires focus and stamina, involving 48 hours of innovation, experimentation, collaboration, and fun.

You can expect to build life-long friendships and future career opportunities as well as valuable skill-building experience.

To join the LT Game Jam site on Global Game Jam, please use this link:

Big thanks for all support to our sponsors and partners: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Nordcurrent, Estoty, TutoTOONS, Wargaming, SneakyBox, Nesnausk!, Gaidelis, all event team and volunteers!

More information about LT Game Jam 2023 on our website:

About the event

3–5 February
5th floor atrium, Conference Hall (5th fl.), Leisure Area (5th fl.), Statehood Centre (2nd fl.)
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More information
Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Lithuanian Game Developers Association
Lithuanian Council for Culture, “Nordcurrent”, “Estoty”, “TutoTOONS”, “Wargaming”, “SneakyBox”, “Nesnausk!”, “Gaidelis”