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Naujienos iliustracija 28 April 2023

The lecture of Rabbi Moshe Levin

We kindly invite you to attend the lecture of Rabbi Moshe Levin “Who’s On Top? The Jewish Struggle for Dominance in Sex & Marriage” at the Vilnius Jewish Public Library on May 2th at 18:00.

Starting with the opening chapters of the Torah to the current widespread ordination of women, Rabbi Moshe Levin illustrates how Jewish attitudes toward sex and marriage have been on an unexpected and conflicting trajectory. Come for a new dimension of the Battle Between the Sexes.

Moshe’s father is from Jonava, and grandfather comes from Seirijai from his mother's side. Thus, he is a pure Litvak and only at the end of his very successful rabbin career is visiting and discovering Lithuania. In all congregations Moshe worked – San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco – he is remembered and loved. During the Vietnam war, he served as an American Army chaplain and is still a San Francisco police chaplain. An interesting person with interesting experiences.

Lecturer will talk in English.

Join us at Vilnius Jewish Public Library (Gedimino Ave. 24, entrance from Vilnius Small Theater courtyard).

Briefly about the lecture

2th of May
6 p.m.
Vilnius Jewish Public Library, Gedimino av. 24
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