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Naujienos iliustracija 3 May 2023

Film screening series „American Film Classics“

From May 12 to 21, a series of film screenings "Classics of American Cinema" will be held in the Conference Hall of the Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania, dedicated to the opening of the American Space in the National Library. All screenings will be held in English. The program includes 4 classic American films from 1951 to 1962.


12 Angry Men

Dir. Sidney Lumet. USA, 1957, 1 hr. 36 min.

In this 17-award winning drama, 12 jurors gather in a room after a trial to reach a verdict in a murder case. The verdict seems clear until they start looking at eyewitness accounts.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Dir. Elia Kazan. USA, 1951, 2 hrs. 2 min.

In this 4 Oscar-winning drama, former schoolteacher Blanche Dubois moves from a small town in Mississippi to live with her sister and her sister's husband in New Orleans. Blanche's flirtatious behavior causes problems in the sisters family.

Lawrence of Arabia

Dir. David Lean. USA, 1962, 3 hrs. 38 min.

The film, which won 7 Oscars, tells the story of an English colonel Tom Edward Lawrence uniting the Arab tribes to fight against the Turks during the First World War.

"Rebel Without A Cause" (English Rebel Without A Cause)

Dir. Nicholas Ray. USA, 1955, 1 hr. 51 min.

3 In this Oscar-nominated cult drama of the 50s, rebellious young man Jim (James Dean) arrives in a new town. As he hopes to start a new life, he faces challenges…


Briefly about the event

Dates and times
May 12 6 p.m.; May 16 6:30 p.m; May 20 1 p.m; May 21 1 p.m
Conference hall, V floor
American Space at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library
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