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Exhibition “Theatrum Libri”

01.12.2021 – 04.04.2022

The Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, commemorating the centenary of the first archive in the Republic of Lithuania, invited to the exhibition of the old documentary heritage, “Theatrum Libri”.

The archives of the early modern period books were true theaters of action with an insatiable passion for knowledge as their central axis and vital energy. Unique exhibits in this exhibition serve as a research object, allowing the visitor-researcher to “browse” the multi-layered archives of the National Library of Lithuania: to get to know, research and discover the stages of book formation, initiatives for collecting and storing various publications, as well as reading and dissemination signs.

The architecture of the exhibition, inspired by the Golden Ratio (Divine Proportion), gives the opportunity to “get lost” in book repositories, to view the archive as a dynamic and lively field of discoveries and surprises, and the book itself as a participant and creator of the European Cultural Theater.

Authors of the exhibition: Dr. Milda Kvizikevičiūtė, Dr. Viktorija Vaitkevičiūtė, Gintarė Petuchovaitė, Rima Dirsytė, Diana Norkūnienė, Vaida Gasiūnaitė, Gediminas G. Akstinas, Dr. Dalia Cidzikaitė

Partner: Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ekspoziciju sistemos Ltd.

Organizer: Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania