18 July 2017

Free IT courses for the National Library visitors

Are you interested in IT? Programming? Are you into 3D or graphic design or game development? Or do you already work in one of these fields, but would like to improve your knowledge and learn something new? We have good news for you – in 2017, you can use free access provided by the National Library to www.pluralsight.com courses in English.

How to?

Step one: To take a course you need a reader's card of the National Library, which will be used for accessing a computer. Reader's cards are issued at the main registration and information desk (2nd floor) or on the portal www.ibiblioteka.lt. Registration prices and rules are available here ›

Step two: Ask the employees of the Music and Visual Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Reading Rooms and they will provide you with access to the website and give you headphones so that you can learn without disturbing other readers (you can also bring your own headphones).

You are welcome to choose from a variety of courses in English:

The courses consist of video materials, transcript of video materials and tasks. Three difficulty levels are available:

  1. Beginner;
  2. Intermediate;
  3. Advanced.

Take this great opportunity to learn!