2 February 2018

National Library experts’ discussion about threats to Lithuania’s security and other geopolitical issues

The latest issue of The Baltic Times features a discussion between Rokas Tracevskis, senior researcher of external information field at Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania Parliamentary Information Unit of the Strategic Development Department, and Ignas Stankovičius, head of the national library’s Parliamentary Information Unit of the Strategic Development Department. The expert on security policy shares his insights on threats to Lithuania’s security, hybrid war (which includes the ongoing information war currently waged by Russia as its crucial element), the experience of the January 13 events, the start of the formation of the Lithuanian military structures in 1991 and even his vision for Lithuania after twenty or even hundred years.

In his interview with I. Stankovičius, the long-term contributor of The Baltic Times, R. Tracevskis, admitted that what impressed him the most was the optimistic attitude of the experienced security expert and analyst who said that it is important to have a positive outlook on life and never stop believing that even a small country is capable of protecting itself against a large and aggressive neighbor.

“I provide my analysis, prognosis and sometimes advice on the current political situation in the European Union and especially in the neighbouring countries to the Office of President of Lithuania, the Government of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission representative in Lithuania and other institutions. I also supply information to the head of the Parliament Committee on National Security and Defence, the Parliament Committee on European Affairs and other members of the Parliament. I think that the insights of the experienced expert I. Stankovičius will be of interest to these actors as well as a wider audience of The Baltic Times readers,” said the author of the interview.

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