15 February 2018

Interview with the National Library Director in the Magazine JŪRA•MOPE•SEA

This year’s first international issue of the business magazine JŪRA•MOPE•SEA is focused on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and ways to prepare for the advent of artificial intelligence. On this occasion the magazine’s editors have published an exclusive interview with Prof. Dr. Renaldas Gudauskas, the director of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

In this interview, Prof. Dr. R. Gudauskas points out that Lithuania once again has a unique full-fledged national memory preservation institution which is successfully fulfilling its mission of becoming Lithuania’s knowledge space that creates value for general public, and a keeper of the national archive of published documents. “The National Library plays an important role in preserving, raising awareness of and integrating national documentary heritage into the European cultural heritage area.” Agreeing with the idea that global trends are manifesting themselves in the national scene as well, Prof. Dr. R. Gudauskas says that information flows are exhibiting exponential growth and that the digital content has been an increasing presence in all of the scientific, economic and cultural fields. “A wide spectrum of strategic activities for managing cultural, educational, scientific, economic and political information flows has been developed. The National Library has also served as a parliamentary library for 27 years. In recent years we have expanded the range of our information analytics services as well as our network of institutional partners. A few dozens of doctoral scientists have been successfully working for our organization,” says the library’s director reminding readers that it is “extremely important to continue developing and fostering general level of intelligence and the National Library as Lithuania’s Intelligence Centre.

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